Dreaming about wig

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Disguise, false or untrue thoughts disguise, false or untrue thoughts to dream you wear a wig, indicates that you will soon make an unpropitious change to lose a wig, you will incur the derision and contempt of enemies to see others wearing wigs, is a sign of treachery entangling you.
New faces in new places is the message contained in a dream featuring a wig or wigs however, the color of the wig and the other details of the dream should also be considered.
Dreaming that you have a wig, means you should not deceive or disappoint and beware of damage to dream that you wear a wig, suggests that you will prove your capabilities and you will have success with no expectations.
Since hair represents how you groom your ideas over time, a wig carries the idea of covering up with false ideas that are not your own if another character is wearing a wig examine how their behavior is personifying you in some way the dream suggests that you are not being natural in your expression.

Meaning for seeing wig in your dreams