Dreaming about win

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Dreaming that you win a victory foretells that you will successfully resist the attacks of enemies and that you will be successful in love.
Dreaming of winning a race can be a way of examining your competitiveness like the dream of winning a prize, you are exploring how you go about seeking fulfillment since we dream about what we are not recognizing, you may be overly focused on a sense of competition and are not really enjoying the result of your efforts at the same time, the dream can be suggesting what it would take to feel more fulfilled the strange symbols that appear in relation to the dream of winning should be explored as a clue to how you might approach success differently to achieve greater satisfaction for example, clothing can suggest changes to the core identity strange or missing shoes can symbolize changes to the steps you are taking, the need to get grounded or earthy and your relationship to the path the hair can symbolize a change in ideas the characters you compete with or who may block your ability to succeed can represent undermining thoughts or actions or the need to slow down and give consideration to an important aspect within you that may be ignored see also lottery.