Dreaming about wind

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Sensory overload stimulation you are feeling overwhelmed and tired to dream of the wind blowing softly and sadly upon you, signifies that great fortune will come to you through bereavement if you hear the wind soughing, denotes that you will wander in estrangement from one whose life is empty without you to walk briskly against a brisk wind, foretells that you will courageously resist temptation and pursue fortune with a determination not easily put aside for the wind to blow you along against your wishes, portends failure in business undertakings and disappointments in love if the wind blows you in the direction you wish to go you will find unexpected and helpful allies, or that you have natural advantages over a rival or competitor.
If you felt a brisk, steady breeze in your dream, it is a good omen for all your current concerns but if it came in intermittent gusts, it portends some periods of frustration and delay to be overcome a gentle wind predicts approaching good news; a stormy gale forecasts hard work ahead; and to dream of being buffeted by a strong wind indicates that you will have to fight some tough and probably tricky competition to get what you want.
Dreaming of a silent wind, means you will have a shared love, and if the wind is strong and blustery, someone will try to ruin the peace and happiness in your family to dream of the wind spirit, means you will learn news to dream that you hear the wind playing in the chimney of your house, indicates you will have true happiness to your friends to dream that you go against the wind, suggests you will go against someone, and if you dream of walking in the wind, means you are in love to dream you hear the wind howl, means someone will threaten you to dream that your in a boat with sails bulging in the wind, means you have made a quick and easy success.
Dreaming of wind softly blowing means you may receive a considerable inheritance from a loved one and, after sadness, know happiness in the future if you dream you are walking against a brisk wind, it indicates you are courageous, able to resist temptations, and determined you will be successful if, however, in your dream the wind blows you along against your wishes, it signifies you might have disappointments in love and in business a dream of a gale means possible business losses.

Meaning for seeing wind in your dreams

The wind in your dream could be symbolic of your own spirit or the life force the wind may represent changes in your life the greater the force of the wind, the grater the change a very gusty wind could represent stress and turmoil but also the energy that you need or have to make changes the sound of the wind and the movement of objects around you are probably what alert you to the wind in the dream, rather than a sensation of wind on your skin (most people don´t have tactile experiences in their dreams) the sound of the wind is considered by some to be special because it is a sound of nature and has spiritual significance.
The wind has a way of stirring things up and moving what remains stationary, so that life can be renewed dreaming of the wind stirring the branches of trees can symbolize a type of transition that involves the family or your roots just as the wind removes the seeds of the future and returns them to the ground, it can be representative of the classic transformative process as a tornado, the wind can portray a force that feels beyond your control that has the potential to place you in another context of interacting with the world dreaming of the wind is a classic symbol of impending changes.