Dreaming about wine glasses

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– Fun & Pleasure; Happy & 038; Fortunate.
Dreaming of wineglass (or glasses of wine) indicate in general great times, happy and funny days. Also glass of wine may be symbol of a pregnancy.
– Wine glass: happy news; – Dreaming of empty wine glass: by preventing participate in a pleasure, dreamer remains spared a disappointment; – To break into pieces or to destroy wine glass: promises a long life; – Also dreaming that you^re breaking down glass of wine: you will find in a person, which you^re looking for, and together you will be happy whole life.
– Broken wine glass in dream: death may occur soon; – Dreaming of beautifully polished wine glass or glasses: wealth.

Meaning for seeing wine glasses in your dreams

– To break wine glass in dream: great misfortune, but there is chances to avoid it.