Dreaming about wink

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If your dream featured winking, it is telling you to be more discreet in your love life, unless you don’t care about your reputation.
Dreaming that someone winks at you, means you will get a love proposal to dream that someone winks when you sleep, means that your reputation is at stake.
– dreaming of a wink means call it wink out by the consent of another, he will realize his heart^s desire. – Does he have a woman character in love made ?? And expresses this affection, he will experience in the relevant year, a joy that is equivalent to the beauty of a woman, she is ugly, grief, according to their ugliness, the woman has not agreed to recognize where, the opposite will happen from what he wants.
– someone dreaming that he wink to a friend, he is initiated into his secret and trust him with his money and possessions, provided that the other did not understand the way of his twinkling.