Dreaming about wire

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Dreaming of wire, denotes that you will make frequent but short journeys which will be to your disparagement old or rusty wire, signifies that you will be possessed of a bad temper, which will give troubles to your kindred to see a wire fence in your dreams, foretells that you will be cheated in some trade you have in view.
Dreaming of wiring, means that thing are not doing so well to dream you stretch the wire, means you are rejoicing in the workplace to dream there is a fault with the wires, means you should be kept by the vulgar people with the cynical way of expression.
With wire you can narrow down a bit in order to possess it and to retain them translated: the shackles want a beloved person or locked out of a no longer acceptable to your friend from our range of ideas. – Wire often symbolizes obstacles that must be expected in the near future. – A wire entanglement indicated and shows insurmountable problems. – Conveniently located only be interpreted wires of silver and gold that will remind you that you can overcome difficulties and pitfalls that others make, unmasked in time. – Barbed wire can hurt, in the dream, it is the soul that is hurt, our ego that sees itself in waking life a thousand little jabs exposed, indicating painful experiences.
What does he have to other people a good rapport; and he is also considered symbolic: connection, communication, positive interaction.
– the dream of wire is the expression of insurmountable obstacles, which oppose one; – mesh wire: promises a secret that we have to keep to us own and it is best for us; – see: you get a trap set; – see barbed: a reminder, now stay for a while patiently until all difficulties dissolve by itself; – caught in barbed wire: a judicial process or proceedings now bring a lot of trouble; – lead wire: frequent short trips to do, so you get into the talk; – golden: good development of your business; – silver: thwarting evil plans of others; – old and rusty wire: being dominated by bad temper, which prepares your family difficulties; – see wire fence: to be cheated in a business; – stumble: careful, someone has found one a trap.
– let them talk to the enemies as much as they want, you know alone, what is best for you.

Meaning for seeing wire in your dreams

– roll or see wire in a dream: beware of pitfalls and treacherous people who seek to ensnare you; – silver: against you contrived villainy be crossed by friends; – gold: your wishes are fulfilled and all are out for good; – see: you have quell vexations; – search: you will find yourself in need of money; – remain him hanging: danger for the future; – pull: a process will drag on.