Dreaming about witch hazel

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Keywords: Water, healing; prophesy; astringent. Description: The Virginian witch hazel or the magic hazel contributes the botanical name Hamamelis virginian. It is either a shrub or a small tree that sufficiently thrives in damp forest areas. The tree is very delicate and flowers that unfold in November and December. The branches of the magic Hazel for a long time are used as a means of divination;Bark and leaves are strongly astringent and have a soothing and toning effect. Under the designation the magic witch hazel is now commonly sold as a facial cosmetic. General meaning: A part of your self, who possesses ancient knowledge of healing; an aspect of your personality that can take either real or in a figurative sense of water. Association: Transcendent meaning: wisdom from your feelings.
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.