Dreaming about wizard

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Magic skillful looking for knowledge to increase your power to dream of a wizard, denotes you are going to have a big family, which will cause you much inconvenience as well as displeasure for young people, this dream implies loss and broken engagements.
Magic skillful looking for knowledge to increase your power.
Hidden forces are working for you if your dream featured a wizard.
If you dream about seeing a wizard, you will resume your previous intimate relationship or meet an old friend.

Meaning for seeing wizard in your dreams

The wizard can have associations with merlin or the magician of tarot it suggests drawing on your reserves in a masterful way to become more empowered this ‘magical’ character can also represent the activation of intuition the wizard can suggest a way of approaching obstacles by discrediting them something can only have power over you if you give it that power obstacles can be opportunities and you only see obstacles when you take your eyes off of the goal a witch can signify negative traits adopted from the mother than can cause self limiting ideas see wise man and woman.