Dreaming about wolfs

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If you see a wolf in a dream, you will have joy for your enemy, or you will meet a friend if wolfs chase you, you will have trouble and quarrels with strangers or with neighbors if you see a white wolf in a dream, then a senior friend will help the find a solution to your problem if you hear howling in your dreams, you suffer from severe loneliness that do not know how to overcome if you see a pack of wolfs in a dream, expect a serious collision with an enemy, dealing with your work if you yourself are part a pack, you will become a threat to someone when you dream of hunting wolfs, it predicts a serious conspiracy against you will soon be revealed if you flee from a pack of wolfs that hunt you, you will be saved from your enemies if you dream you kill a wolf and eat its meat, you will deal with a very unpleasant situation if you just dream about a wolf who just looks, it means that you have become too selfish lately.