Dreaming about words

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If the dreamer in a dream hear a word more than once, then meaning of it can be critical. Word is generally indicated as letter or name. It usually contains a message from the unconscious, which can be clearly heared or readed.
Words have its own very spiritual power.
Dreaming of words is extremely important, because it may be very meaningful symbols. Also it can mean that we in waking life may not have enough to say or can not express ourselves properly. Certain words have an esoteric meaning, such as the Hebrew YHWH (Yahweh). Such words are more normal in dreams than in normal everyday life. The sleeping human is more open for such information.
– In general: words in dream warns us, depending on the words to be remembered, we must evaluate these words in general terms; – To read or to see: meaning of a warning, it is this very much on the meaning of words, in order to identify the correct meaning.