Dreaming about wreath

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Dreaming that you see a wreath of fresh flowers, denotes that great opportunities for enriching yourself will soon present themselves before you a withered wreath bears sickness and wounded love to see a bridal wreath, foretells a happy ending to uncertain engagements.
If you dream that using branches and flowers you knit a wreath, you’ll have good relationships and happiness with family and friends seeing in your dream that you wear a wreath, it means that you will have approval from others and many joyful events will be found all around you a dream where you think there is a wreath on your front door, means that your family will have great joy or someone is getting married soon seeing in your dream a wreath made of thorns and sloes, then expect grief, sadness and problems if you dream that you lose a wreath, your plans and dreams for marriage will not come true seeing a grave, which was laid out with a mourning wreath, you are to inherit property.