Dreaming about x

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When the sleeper is dreaming and an ? X? Arises, it symbolizes a ? Marking of the spot?. That is, the subconscious is suggesting that what is being offered is of significance and should be noted. The ? X? Can also be a metaphor for error in the waking life. Instances where it appears as a cross (i. E. Crucifix) can pertain to a sacrifice being made in some capacity.
(marks the spot) to dream of a treasure map that shows you where the treasure is by a big x this means your goals are in sight and you will earn a great reward if you see the same with a tiny x and realize, (in the dream), that it is not right then your loses could be very heavy unless you handle the situation immediately.
A dream with the letter x or arms and legs in the shape of an x symbolizes potential or change it can also imply that you are aware of your wrongdoings or there is something you need to observe in an aspect of your life.
The letter”X” often marks the spot and can be directing you to look closely at the symbolism to find direction it can also symbolize closing or blocking yourself from opportunity that is right in front of you.

Meaning for seeing x in your dreams