Dreaming about x ray

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Dreaming of having an x-ray taken of your teeth or other part of the body is a forerunner of a mysterious occurrence in the life of one of your friends. If you dream of looking at your own bones by means of x-ray, you will be called to account for an indiscretion you have committed.
If you dream about getting x-rays taken, you are worried that someone you weren’t completely truthful with will find out about your deception.
Symbol of penetrating insight into a relationship or problem are you able to see past surface appearances, and discern the true nature of the matter? The ability to see into a human body reflects insights into health matters and personal growth x rays also hold allusions to medical problems, and to the diagnosis of spiritual illnesses if you are feeling low emotionally, are you able to devise a treatment plan, to ensure your speedy recovery?
An x ray indicates that you have the gift of psychic surgery this is an unusual gift so look for it in more than one dream to be sure psychic surgery is practiced a lot in the philippines it has two forms one is where you place your hands physically inside the client you are working on and remove cancers, growths and blockages in the second form you place your hands on the client just as you would for hands on healing in this form, in addition to healing energy flowing into the client, it also feels like other hands are working inside the client^s body directly under your hands it literally feels like the clients skin under your hands is being massaged from underneath.

Meaning for seeing x ray in your dreams

Dreaming about getting an x ray or looking at an x ray, may not have anything to do with health matters this dream may indicate that you are ready to look beneath the surface of a current situation or issue x rays require focused energy, and your dream may be reflecting the energy that you posses and need to gain insight or solve a problem old dream interpretation books say that dreaming of x rays is a dream of the contrary that is, you will be released from your worries and enjoy good health.
Seeing something revealed by an x ray can portray your desire to look deeper at a situation noticing that something is invisible, or seeing only the outline of bones and organs can show how you remain unconscious of how you have structured your sense of self to please others having x ray vision shows willingness to see the truth of what the symbol you are seeing through represents.