Dreaming about yawn

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when one dreams of yawning it can have a couple of meanings. firstly, it can be symbolic of being tired and/or bored. as such, the manner in which it manifests in a dream is of importance. secondly, animals use yawning as a means to ward off their aggressors. it demonstrates they are not interested in engaging in conflict. as such, dreaming of a yawn can be symbolic of demonstrating intentional apathy toward a person(s) attacking aggressively toward the dreamer. it can also signify a need for the dreamer to analyse their own aggressive behaviour. that is, dreaming of a yawn as a strategy to ward off aggressors may actually mean the dreamer is at odds with their own abusive type behaviour. yawning is a means which living things draw in oxygen. to dream of yawning can sometimes infer the dreamer is attempting to draw more out of life. this may be in the form of spirituality, personal growth, knowledge, wisdom etc.
Whether you did the yawning or observed others doing it, the dream suggests that your tendency to negative thinking is holding you back try to kick the habit by living positively, one day at a time
A dream where you yawn implies that you or someone else is being too assertive in some aspect of your life
Dreaming of yawning or being sleepy shows your disinterest in learning something in a sense you are ‘checking out’ and the dream is showing you how and when you are doing this