Dreaming about year

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typically, when one experiences any form of emotion in a dream its intensity is magnified tenfold. a perceived need in the dreamer?s conscious day-to-day living may simmer below the surface but at the same time be completely within control. however, in a dream with the heightened strength, the need becomes yearned after and sought. it is the subconscious bringing the need to the forefront of attention – it is saying ?cease ignoring me and fulfil me?. for example, if a priest has suppressed a need for sex, this long-standing habit of self-denial will rage in his subconscious. in other words, although the priest may be able to suppress the need for sex in his waking hours, in his dreams urgency to cease denying and fulfil the need will emerge. to yearn in a dream can also suggest that the dreamer, in attempting find peace with their spiritual core, has lost patience.
To dream of a year or period, suggest a new job, new love or a new house to dream that the new year will start, means you endeavor to clean
To dream of a year passing is a specific indication of an important milestone in your waking life take note of other aspects of your dream, as there may be cause for celebration in your life to dream of someone acknowledging one year suggests it is time to review your life and give thanks and credit to whom it is due