Dreaming about yeast

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eating yeast in a dream is a sign that you are selected to receive a high honor. mixing it in bread or biscuits predicts receiving the adoration of your beloved.
Yeast is a substance of strength that has the ability to alter food with respect to shape and taste for the better. if yeast is observed in a dream, it is a very positive and productive sign. to see yeast in a dream represents ideas, circumstances, experiences, and knowledge that have the capacity to change a person?s current life situation in a productive and positive way. the fermenting qualities of yeast mean it has the capability to grow, expand, and evolve. thus, in a dream it is highly symbolic of human growth and development. this is particularly applicable to the dreamer?s understanding of and ability to love. in other words, it suggests the dreamer is advancing in his or her awareness of how love expands, grows, and develops when it (love) is given unconditionally. to be in such a developmental phase brings a connectedness to the universe.
Yeast serves to help dough rise think of yourself as the dough your dream means that you are going to grow
Wealth from an unexpected source is the message contained in a dream featuring yeast in any form

Meaning for seeing yeast in your dreams

To dream that you drink yeast, means you will have success however it will be difficult
To dream of yeast is an indication of a spiritual journey you should consider spending some time on self improvement and soul searching conversely, yeast may symbolize increased enthusiasm or renewed energy for a current project or idea
A dream featuring yeast suggests that you have an idea or something that can bring about positive change in your life