Dreaming about yes

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at times during a dream we can become aware of acknowledging something or someone in the affirmative. to say ?yes? in a dream is essentially a subconscious acknowledgement and/or agreeing of what may be taking place in the dreamer?s current life. in other words, at times, what takes place in our conscious world needs to be agreed to within the subconscious realm. this is a form of dual agreeability whereby the coming together of the two levels of consciousness, merge into one acknowledgement. typically, this is the result of the dreamer needing the subconscious? permission to instigate change in his or her daily life. recognition of ?yes? in the dream state is a sign that change is embraced and growth has begun to take place. as such, the dreamer?s everyday life in the conscious world will develop specific direction allowing them to engage in a motivated and happy existence.
Stop doubting yourself, the dream serves as a confirmation and push to do whatever you are unsure about
To dream of ‘yes’ is simply that, an emphatic ‘yes’ from the universe be sure to check the dream for alternatives in relation to aspects and environment dreaming that you feel terrible emotionally while everyone is saying ‘yes’ may be implying that there is emotional clearing to be done before proceeding in a positive fashion