Dreaming about yin yang

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the yin-yang is a symbol that portrays the balance of opposites. however, of importance in understanding the yin-yang is that the notion of opposites attracting does not apply to all things opposite, only those that compliment one-another. in dreams the opposites are pertinent to the feminine intuition and the masculine rational for balance. the dreamt symbol of the yin-yang epitomises the human search for continued balance. this balance however is not static; it is a dynamic concept that means the seeking is endless but still gratifying when achieved. it is an ongoing journey of creating, exploring, and experiencing the coming together of complimentary differences that, when married, create ideal balance. the coming together of opposites to create an ideal can also occur in other instances. an example of this might be the formation of a business partnership where two polar opposites (either people or separate business entities) combine to create success via perfect balance.
To dream of yin yang is to dream of perfect balance you may desire perfect balance or the meeting of your spiritual counterpart note the environment of the dream for an idea as to where balance is needed in your life by becoming centered and balanced you will begin attracting positive experiences to enhance your life