Dreaming about yodel

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it is a lucky sign, particularly for those who are in love, to hear a singer yodeling in the open air. it points to marriage and happiness.
Ever had that dream where you are in the mountains listening to your echo then you suddenly burst into song, yodel ay eee  oooo   this means that your heart and mind are connected, unlike many who only think with one of them listen to the messages in between because it could serve some importance in your life
It is considered a generally lucky omen to yodel or to hear yodeling in your dream; you can expect all your affairs to flourish, particularly those of the heart
To dream of yourself yodeling is a symbol of calling out to your spiritual guides and/or to forgotten aspects of the self living a life of uncertainty and worry about the future happens when we are not fully integrating our gifts and strengths a yodeling dream is a reminder to take steps to integrate to witness another person yodeling in a dream is a reminder to be aware of ways in which you can aid someone else in finding their talent or strength