Dreaming about zipper

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to dream of fastening one*s clothes with a zipper is a sign that you will preserve your dignity in the face of great provocation to do otherwise. if you dream of a zipper getting stuck, you will be challenged by the actions of one of your friends.
If you dreamed of a broken zipper or a stuck zipper that you couldn’t do up, this symbolizes social embarrassment. but if you dream of a zipper that zips up easily, you will overcome minor troubles.
Symbol of access that carries frequent sexual associations opening a zipper suggests access to a mystery or desire that previously was hidden zippers that are broken or will not close can symbolize projects we are unable to complete mouths or genitalia that are closed with a zipper may indicate repressed sexual feelings and memories zippers also can reflect literal concerns about body image are your clothes getting harder to fit into?
Dreaming of a zipper means one thing and one thing only, sexuality! if you are unzipping then it means you are ready to accept and open up to sexual interactions
Social chagrin is the message if you dreamed of a stuck or broken zipper but if it fastened easily, the dream predicts satisfaction in minor matters now pending
A zipper in a dream means you are about to discover something that was secret a broken zipper in your dream reminds that your selfishness can bring you harm

Meaning for seeing zipper in your dreams

To dream of a zipper indicates sexual innuendos to dream of a broken dream implies inner frustration regarding your inability to solve a particular problem or situation
A dream with a zipper implies that you are seeking to move on from a particular situation or that you are doing things quickly or quietly if you see unzipped clothes in your dream then it suggests that things are out of control or that you are feeling vulnerable it could also highlight your sexual desires