Argue arguments

Dreaming about argue arguments

When challenged it is often difficult to state our case properly. dreaming about an argument can help us to vocalize coherently in ordinary life.
Dream scenarios often mimic everyday problems, so the atmosphere during a dream argument can give us clues about our passion or real feelings over an issue. To be having an argument with someone with whom you normally have a good relationship implies you are unsure of your motivation in actions you are taking.
Arguments with members of the opposite sex suggest that some adjustment needs to be made in the way you approach relationships. Men may need to understand their own aggression whereas women may need to be less emotional. Certainly something is out of balance.
Two aspects of an argument are worth noting from a spiritual perspective. You are trying to resolve some internal conflict or unsettled issue which may not yet have come to conscious knowledge. If you are arguing with only one person the conflict is likely to be between two polarities of thought in you; with more than one person the issue is probably one connected with a wider, more global belief or concept.

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