Dreaming about energy

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being full of pep and energy in a dream, as though you would like to tear the world up is a sign that “pride goeth for a fall.” you will be guilty of a tactical error that will make your ears red.
A feeling of unusual pep or abnormal energy in a dream is a warning that you are in danger of walking where angels fear to tread try to control your impulses however, if your dream concerned an abnormal lack of energy, you are probably pushing yourself and a medical checkup is suggested
When energy becomes the focus of a dream, you may be exploring an objective view of your own energy levels feeling a strange energy surrounding you can symbolize the awakening of qualities that may have been repressed as personified by the shadow conducting energy in an experiment allows you to understand the power of attraction and how positive thinking has a profound effect on making experience more positive if a solid object as a symbol transforms into energy you may be recognizing how easy it is to let something go the most important lesson that energy teaches is that it never dissolves or disappears, but only transforms consider the type of energy that you are cultivating with your attitude and beliefs