Tarot cards

Dreaming about tarot cards

To dream about a tarot reading, fortells your current situation and state of mind. You are open to exploring your unconscious thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to what the tarot cards revealed. Consider the following general meanings of the four tarot suits: the wands represent fire, inspiration, spirituality, action, initiative, and the psyche. The suit of the swords signify air, determination, strength, faith, and conquering of fear. The cups symbolize water, emotions, purity, and your outlook toward life and the future. Finally, the pentacles denote finances, social influence, worldly knowledge, and your connection with nature and earth.
Dreams about tarot cards is a reflection of your current mindset. If you had a tarot reading in your dream, pay attention to what you were told by the fortune teller - it could be your sleeping mind's way of sending you an important message from your unconscious.

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