Dreaming about spiritual imagery

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spiritual imagery

Dreaming about spiritual imagery

If spirituality is taken to be an inner truth, and religion as that which links us back to Source, then it must be the case that religious, or perhaps more accurately, spiritual imagery partly assists us in recognizing truths which we have long accepted as genuine. They are archetypal images which belong to everyone but resonate - or have a particular effect on each of us - in slightly different ways. Dreams have a way of introducing - or rather reintroducing - us to these images and when they begin to surface it is time to widen our appreciation of them perhaps by reading, perhaps by study, but probably most importantly by simple contemplation which helps decide what relevance they have to us. Using images that seem primarily to have a spiritual application allows us to integrate spirituality fully into our lives and does away with the idea that it is something separate from our daily lives but is, and always will be, an intrinsic part of who we are. Because the images are so specific they may be startling, but having the patience to work with them enhances first our understanding of ourselves and then our dream lives.
If we are prepared to accept that each truth will have its own personal slant, and that we must get back to the basic Truth, all dreams can be interpreted from a spiritual point of view. This is especially true of spiritual imagery. Most interpretations here are stated only in general terms and are given only as guidelines. When you feel like throwing away the book and saying that the interpretations are not valid, then you will be able to take on personal responsibility and will only need the book for verification.
When we, through deliberate or spontaneous neglect, deny ourselves access to the store of spiritual imagery in waking life, dreams will often react to this lack and try to compensate by jolting us back into an awareness of our inner spirit. In today's society it is very easy to fasten on to the hypocritical aspects of religion and to accept that hypocrisy. It is also easy to make the assumption that the outward forms of religion often deny the existence of a true inner reality. If spirituality - the inner truth that we all hold - is neglected, it will not go away: it will simply reappear in its negative and terrifying form. In waking life, the closest image we have to that is the Devil, or the more vengeful Indian gods. Our own personalized demons can be more frightening than those. It is not until we accept responsibility for our own existence that true spirituality emerges.

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